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School Referral Program

School personnel should send a school referral form to refer a school-aged youth to the Community Assessment Program.

Services Available to Partnering Schools

Coordination of Services  A School Professional from a partnering school may inquire as to whether or not a student has received services from the JAC. For more information, school professionals may have the student and or parent sign a release of information. 

School Referral Form  This form allows school professionals to provide written notification when they have advised a family to contact the JAC; including documentation of issues and concerns staff have observed.  Use of the referral form ensures the school will receive follow-up regarding the status of an assessment.

“Bargaining Chip”  Many schools offer to reduce a student’s suspension based upon the family’s completing an assessment at the JAC and following through on staff recommendations.  Others have sent students for assessment as a requirement for early readmission following expulsion.

Phone Consultation with JAC Staff  Assessment Specialists are available to answer questions, provide resources, or simply brainstorm in response to concerns for students at all levels of risk. 

Referral Information      


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