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Rural Intervention Specialized Case Management | Elbert & Lincoln

JAC partners with the 18th Judicial District Senate Bill 94 Program, Rural Integrated Service Engagement (RISE), and Connections for Families to provide the Rural Intervention Specialized Case Management program (RISC) in Elbert and Lincoln counties. 

RISC is an early intervention process designed to meet community needs (parents, teachers and/or community members) which are focused on the needs of youth before proceeding with the juvenile court system. Young people age 10-17 are eligible to receive services. Concerns may include one or all of the following areas: school issues, disruptive/defiant behavior, mental health, or substance abuse. Connections for Families and RISE takes a local-level collaborative approach to the delivery of services to children/youth in need of multi-agency services so that the provisions of such services is integrated, appropriate, and increases the capacity of families within our community to provide a healthy environment for children. 

The RISC program was launched in July of 2011 to improve pre-trial and community intervention with young people before they become deeply involved in the justice system. JAC, SB94, RISE and Connections for Families participate in co-funding the RISC program and other agencies provide in-kind support in the form of office space, materials and operations.

Connections for Families – Elbert County IOG
589 S Banner St. Room 131 | Elizabeth, CO 80107
P: (303) 646-6778 | F: (720) 368-5221 |

RISE – Lincoln County IOG Satellite Office
465 First Ave. | Limon, CO 80828
P: (303) 646-6778 | F: (720) 368-5221 |

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