It’s been a busy month!

THANK YOU! Over 1,500 items were donated as part of our DRIVE 2 THRIVE… over 100 lbs of clothing dropped off for cleaning at the laundromat today! We could not provide free services to young people and their families without you – you’re the best!

Though JAC’s Drive 2 Thrive is over we can always accept donations. Next time you go shopping pick up some snacks for our young people – they appreciate it! Click Here for the details


Bustout Colorado you nailed it! From DiSC Profiles to Jail Cells you sharpened our skills in a unique and memorable team building experience!

Special thanks to all who made this day possible: Kneaders of Parker; Fika Coffee House; Bagel Stop Cafe; Douglas County Libraries – Parker; and Sprouts.

Mission | Sustainable Community & Family Connections

The Juvenile Assessment Center (JAC) provides a coordinated site which contributes to the safety of youth, families, and the community through early intervention, comprehensive assessment and improved access to appropriate services in Arapahoe, Douglas, Elbert and Lincoln counties in Colorado.



Services | Comprehensive Assessment & Connection to Individualized Care

The Community Assessment Program (CAP)

Early intervention screening and assessment services to school-aged youth identified for concerning behavior.  

Law Enforcement Program

Intake and assessment young people identified by law enforcement officers for behavior or delinquency matters.




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